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    Thankful for the chance WY

    After not being able to draw a branched antler bull tag in WA for the last 7yr or a cow tag in the last 5, my hunger for elk meat was getting pretty strong. Three friends and I decided to buy left over cow tags for area 61-6. The decision to hunt this area was made after a WY GW told me of all the elk in this area and the need to get ride of some of them off a few of the big ranches they winter on. The four of us made the trip from western WA in my friends 4 door tundra pulling a small trailer to haul the meat home. We spent a week in Meeteese at the Oases motel and drove to the hunt area each morning.

    Long story short, we had a great time and killed two elk. My buddies kid and I killed one each. The hunting was made a little tougher because of the lack of snow and high altitude, but we saw plenty of elk each day.

    Two of my friends have never hunted WY before and were surprised how friendly the locals were and the info they were freely willing to part with. All hunters bitch no matter how good the hunting is in their state, but man you guys in WY have it made when it comes to putting meat in the freezer.

    God bless all of you and good hunting next season.

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    I'm jealous! I wanted to get 61-6 but my friend talked me into a different area and the hunting there has been tough. I'm glad you and your friends had a good time though.
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