I have been buying antelope points in Arizona since my twenties since I have been applying for sheep, elk and deer. I now have 23 points and can draw any unit in the state in the max point pool. I understand Unit 10 and Unit 5B are two of the best unit in the state. Unfortunately next year (2013) I have a scheduling conflict that would not allow me to invest the time to scout and hunt either of those units due to the season dates.

There are a couple units that have later season dates. The one that stands out is Unit 19B with only 5 tags. Does anyone know that unit and the trophy potential. My goal when I draw Arizona is to put in 10-14 days with the goal of taking 85"+ buck.

Also how is the moisture in that part of Arizona?

I will never be in this point position again, and would rather buy points for another 5 years than draw the wrong unit, or draw on a bad moisture year.

Thanks a bunch.