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I don't have any input as far as information but I personally would be interested in seeing more info in the MRS about general areas. The way the system is set up in Montana you really need two plans. One for a general hunt and one for if you actually draw a limited. It's hard to decipher the hunt statistics from Montana's site. It is hard for me to justify putting in for a tag in Montana when I really don't know what I am getting and I can hunt Wyoming pretty much every year with at least a clue as to what to expect. I would love to go hunt Montana but I struggle to fit all the pieces together more so than other states.

Each year I compile a 4-6 page general season OTC article for Montana. This article goes in the July/August issue or somewhere close to that. My goal is to do just what you mentioned above, create two separate options, as many people don't draw special tags or don't want to draw them. Therefore, I have been building a good foundation for nonresidents or residents to start with. Hope this helps, and feel free to hit me up with more questions any time.

Jordan Breshears