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    Montana MRS-Looking for imput from you locals and avid MT hunters.

    It is time for the Montana general app/limited draw article for deer/elk/pronghorn for the Feb/Mar issue. Then shortly after that we are going into trophy species. I am looking for limited draw HD updates, general area updates for herd populations, drought, fire, bad winter, wolves, bear, etc. Mule deer limited entry around missoula even the unlimited hunts, elk, breaks rifle permits, or any limited rifle permits. Antelope, eastern updates? How are we looking after the massive die off? I don't want to give away any details about someone's personal spot just info on areas in general. Obviously I missed the deadline change last year! (major bummer) as it came out 3 days (ish) after we already sent the article to print. I am always looking to raise the bar, hit me up with thoughts/suggestions etc. I've personally covered a major portion of this great state in 2012 but didn't really touch it in the big picture! Thank you for your time.

    Jordan Breshears
    Eastmans' Field Editor

    ALSO! I am always looking for pics to throw in my write-ups, if you have a good picture doesn't have to be a huge trophy, just real hunting! Send me a PM and I will get the details on where to send em!
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