This is a scary subject, but one - that working off a graduate student budget - I have paid a great deal of attention to over the past 5 or 6 years. I never buy anything new - unless it is marked down 70% or more. Sites like steepandcheap, theclymb,, can really save your butt if you are willing to buy off the wall colors in last year's models. Most things are going to be layers under a soft shell outer anyways, so the critters don't know you are wearing neon green or purple! I buy one bow every 4 or 5 years off to be the biggest single lot of used bows on earth. When I buy one piece of gear, I get rid of another. Buy a GoLite tent, sell Scent-Lok coveralls. Buy Summit treestand climber, sell back-up spotting scope. I've never leased ground and it's been 5 or 6 years since I've paid for a guided hunt, but frugality can't help with gas prices. I suppose 10,000 miles a year are blown on hunting related travels. That is BY FAR the biggest expense. Going with buddies helps cut down on that. Thankfully, I'm great buddies with a taxidermist and I helped him out one winter 10 years or so ago, so all that comes down to me at a near-cost discount. Like most of us here, all meat care and processing from skinning/quartering to making sausage and jerky is done by yours truly. To supplement an extreme frugal approach to equipment and supplies, I take several odd jobs every year that 100% of income goes towards...Adsense blog money, camera survey or 2 for wealthy landowners, 2 or 3 guiding trips, birthday/Christmas check from grandma, etc. Besides the gas cost, I try and usually a achieve net zero by the end of the year. Squeezed in a ton of gear purchases/upgrades and a 15 day OTC Colorado archery elk hunt plus all my east coast wanderings for that this year.