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"As far as savings and financial stratagies go, when my wife and I got married, we decided that it would be in our best interest to keep separate checking accounts. Each month, we each place an agreed upon amount into a joint checking account for our joint monthly expenses like the mortgage and other bills. The rest of our money stays in our separate accounts. That way, I don't get bent when she spends our money on a stupid Coach purse, and she doesn't blow a gasket when I spend a bazillion dollars on elk and deer points."

OMG. For all you young guys out there, shoot for this deal from day one. My ex quit her job after the first kid and never looked back. We only had a joint account and she never deposited one dollar in there in 20 years. I had to pay 100% of the bills for her and our 3 kids plus myself. What a nightmare. On top of that she cotrilled and conditioned my kids to dependency on her alone. Pathetic soul wiped me out for life.
Damn Zim, that's horrible. I think our decision is probably the best one we've made. When we got married, right out of school (actually, she was still in school), neither of us had a dime.. Everything we've built from from that day is ours. I like that.
When studies show that the vast majority of marital disagreement is about finance, we figured we'd just cut that part out. It's worked like a charm. I suggest it to all of my friends who are getting married. My brother listened, and it's worked great for them as well.
I suppose it's not for everyone, but we feel like even though we are married, we are still individuals, and part of being an individual means having your own dayum checking account.

I'm also with CC. A week or so long vacation with the wife, to a destination of her choosing, will go a long way come September.