So curious as to how others handle the cost of hunting trips, gear and permits.

I personally got hammered this year. I did a great job saving for my New Zealand trip. Saved for a little over a year and came back with a few extra hundred bucks, even after taxidermy. I had 2 additional week long trips after that. Then in the stand 3-4 days a week. The last 2 weeks of rifle I had to dip into the family savings account and the wife was not happy. To be honest, I wasn't either. Now with Wyoming's drawing only 6 weeks away, here we go again. I just paid back the family savings and it seems like I'm off to a rough start for 2013.

I put in for 6 states, do roughly 3 or 4 one week trips a year. Curious to hear strategies of saving and most importantly keeping the family happy, which means mama happy