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ditch the WY sheep points! go for the random draw if anything and don't put in for points.

WY needs to change their draw system if you ask me, would probably generate more revenue too, I'm not buying a sheep bonus point in WY, had they had a better system they'd of had 500 bucks of mine by now.

many of the best sheep units only have enough tags to go to the MOST points holders.

I still think many hunters out there don't realize how bad the WY sheep bonus point system really is, so unless you're banking on things to change in the future and have points built up, or you just hope to get lucky, or you really plan to apply for 50years...

instead of 75/25, WY should goto 50/50 or 25/75, or just square or even cube points like other states, and least give a guy with 0 pts a chance at drawing a great sheep tag, vs no chance right now if you have less than 15pts etc...

a 1% chance would mean many hunters paying $100 for a WY sheep pt, but as of now 0% chance means no thanks! and no $100 for WY.
I actually like Wyoming's system and think it is just fine. If you don't have many points, you can apply for units that have a random draw tag and so you have a chance there. I guess if you dont like their system though, you can just apply in other states like you said.

One thing about Wyoming though is that even if you apply for a random draw tag, they automatically deduct $100 for the preference point in your refund.

Everyone bashes Wyoming but SOMEBODY will have to draw the tags in 30 years. Another thing I don't think many people know is that A LOT of people are bailing out of the game. 30-50 people in every point pool are leaving every year.