I am still overseas until the end of next year, I have 2 or 3 points for Wyoming's sheep/moose program and 1 point in Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

I am almost 40.

I have a rare blood disease and probably won't see 60. So far I am the 2nd oldest living person in my family history with the disease. No pity you bastards! I have lived more than anyone I know!

Seriously, what are the my odds on sheep/moose Wyoming and so on.

Is it worth $1000 a year to feed these 4 states? I am not 10 points in or I wouldn't even consider throwing it away, I got pissed at Wyoming when they changed it to $100, and as I am an Alaska resident, and not my Wyoming home I said "screw you guys I am going home".

Well in 2011 I started thinking, maybe I should get back in this. Did "some" research and bought points, and last year I bought points in AZ, Nevada and Utah.

Honestly, what would you do?

Would you quit sending out $1000 not to hunt, or would you keep buying points?

I can hunt 99% percent of what I want to hunt in my lifetime for under $10,000. I know it doesn't make sense financially I just need someone else to hug me and tell me I am doing the right thing.

I screwed up and quit playing the Wyoming sheep game in the beginning, and I regret it now. As I would be max points for both.