It really has been a dry fall and winter so far here in SW Colorado..............until Friday! Started snowing early in the morning (woke up to about an inch) and it has not stopped. we have about 12" on the ground. I've shoveled snow Sat am & Sun am. Looks like it might be clearing some in the west this evening. We really needed the moisture. Hope we get more until spring, fill all the local lakes and my pond.

This evening about 15 minutes ago the deer were here looking for handouts. About 20 does, fawns and a couple of small bucks. Then a couple of bruisers showed up, both pretty nice 4x4's. Ruts over, so they pretty much ignore the does, just looking for something to eat. Snows too deep for then to get at the apples on the ground, but they are getting a lot of the grass in my pasture(around the edges that I can't hay).