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    Sorry about that I'm new to the forum and didn't know Eastmans was in the business of selling NM landowner permits. Someone had posted they would like more info on how to buy landowner tags. I am not affilliated with huntinfool and not trying to promote them just know thats what some nonresident hunter have been using to get tags in my area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ehuntelk View Post
    Hunted 2nd Rifle Valle Vidal in 2012 - Unbelievable area. Scouted during 1st Bow season, what a treat. It looks like Rocky Mtn National Park or Yellowstone but you are there with a tag and your weapon of choice. I know we all want a 350+ bull, but on a daily basis seeing herds of elk and 5 - 10 branch antlered bulls is what 80%-90% of elk hunters would die for.
    I wouldn't want to hunt there if it looks like Yellowstone.
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