this is sickning! ive never felt so unerved after hearing of this, sorry for anyones loss. everyone hear obamas speach last night? "i didnt do much for gun control last term but you can bet i will now" thing are gonna get crazy. id be more concerned with someone trying to buy body armor than someone purchasing a weapon. gun sales today are going to skyrocket, mark my words. we live in a sick world people. if a few of thoes teachers had a concealed weapon and were properly trained shit like this wouldnt have to end so badly. its a sad day when you have to think twice about sending your elementary kids to school for fear of thiere safety. i have a feeling with all this end of the world talk going on and with all of those wack jobs that actualy believe it that thing between now and the 21st are going to be insane. good luck and god bless the USofA!