You are right, I guess Obama made that clear in his speech. From what I heard. I don't listen to him or any of his speeches. What the antigun groups don't get and never will, people kill people not guns. If it was not guns it will be something else.

As for how someone could do something this evil? Experts say he was mentally unstable. I can not argue with that, but I think there is more to it. If you take a person that has never been saved, does not believe in God, has no morals & is unethical. You will find a miserable person searching for something. Lets say he turns to drugs, & he gets that high. A door is now opened for a demon to enter him. Once that demon is in him, he will give him a high no drug on earth can & he will control him. That is how some one can be this evil it is Satan in control of them. There is an old Indian man here in Oklahoma that taught a good lesson. He said "There is a black dog & white dog fighting in your soul. Which one will win?............. The one you feed because he will grow bigger & stronger" That is a good lesson for all of us. Feed the positive & starve the negative!

Continue to pray for the family's.

God Bless you & your family's