I was wondering how valid it was with the keywords placed in there that are a little too descriptive for a "hidden gem" (SE Oregon, Sage Flat,the only gas station, landfill, etc). I believed the story, just not the location; you had me going. No hard feelings Nine Mile Guest Ranch, but at least they got some link juice. I will however stand by my accusations of misleading photo captions on the page I linked to with the "Landfill Buck". What do you guys think?

I have not had time to cruise these forums as much as I'd like due to my development of hunting related products, so I have fallen behind. I don't see anymore time in the future (preferably less depending on success) so hopefully I don't fall for the next one!

Good luck finding those hidden gems this summer. I have one, but am always looking for more!

Chris Jackson
Solvid FIY