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    Hunting Hot Spots Discovered By Accident

    What is the best hunting spot you have discovered totally by accident? Our story happened just this past fall.

    With everyone jumping in the preference point game it is getting harder and harder to draw quality tags so my buddy and I took a month off work this fall and did an exploratory trip to SE Oregon looking for a place we could bowhunt giant mule deer each year with an OTC tag. We knew it was going to be a long shot with the fires this past summer, but with the great genetics in that area, we had to give it a try. Of course everyone is looking for that gem, but the way we found it was truly amazing. After 14 days of dry camping, we had accumulated several large bags of trash that we needed to dispose of. We ran down to Sage Flat and asked the guy at the only gas station there where we could dispose of the trash. He sent us to the landfill about 5 miles away on the way back to our camp spot. As we unloaded our trash, the winds were heavy and my hat blew off. As I chased my hat into the sage, I came across a massive set of deer tracks. With the nearby alfalfa fields, we were uncertain there would be much public land, but with our GPS we determined that there was a few square miles of public land behind the landfill. As we tracked that buck, we were about 1 1/2 miles in and that track literally turned into a deer highway. In a few more minutes we discovered the reason, a hidden draw and a large seep. We set several trail cams in the area and left them alone and headed back to the other area we had been camping. We were so excited we could only let the cams "soak" for a couple days before we had to get back and check them out. There were no fewer then a half dozen smoker bucks hitting that seep, but always right after dark. We built a sage blind up against a near by rock bluff. My buddy sat facing one trail, and I faced a different trail. On the third evening, a great buck finally came in just before dark. My buddy had the best angle and took the shot. His buck scored later scored 207 3/8, his personal best. There were at least two other bucks in the same class that we got on our trail cams. We can't wait to hit it again next year.

    Have you guys ever discovered a hunting hot spot totally on accident?

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