Hey guys,

This summer I bought the Scarp 1 and got to test it out on a couple different trips in ND. One trip was pretty chilly. It's a great shelter, but, when Nov rolls around in ND, it's damn cold. I would like to be out there hunting, and staying off the roads, in late Nov/Early Dec. Please correct me if I'm wrong in my thinking, but I'm thinking in order to have a comfortable hunt that time of year up here, a guy needs a shelter with some sort of heat source. I've hunted from base camp type set ups for years and the propane heaters work great. As do the big wood burning stoves in outfitter tents... But I'm looking for a backcountry set up. It's getting tougher and tougher to get guys to go on these hunts, and it's much easier if I'm going solo to just deal with a nice, light set up.

My search has led me to many ti pi style shelters, and them Ti backpacking wood stoves. I see there are square set ups, and round ones that roll up. Specifically I've been looking at Seek Outside products. Have any of you much experience with late season set ups such as these?

What do you guys use/recommend I look into? Or do you tough it out without a heat source and beef up the sleeping bag and thermals?