I am new to the forum and would like to post and see if the research Iv done so far is on the right track. As the title says I have 5 pp for deer and have been looking at Unit 125 for deer 1st choice then a Region F tag 2nd choice then hopeing to get a cow/calf tag for either 61 or 62. I am 57 and retired so time is not an issue with me, Ill stay however long or the season ends. I really dont know whether I want to keep building deer points with all I have been reading. It appears the unit is almost all BLM ground with decent access to most of it. I am not looking for any booner type mule deer but would like an opportunity at a nice representive deer. I have not gotten alot of information out of the Cody office, maybe Im not getting to the right people. And who knows with the proposed tag increases there may be a ton of guys burning there points this year so I may be out anyway. I am just looking for opinions or suggestions from guys that have hunted Wy for mule deer alot. Iv hunted them in Colorado but never in Wyoming just antelope so this will be all new to me. Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have.