I have max points in Wyoming, but still a little confused as to how things go down.

I understand the split of NR to resident, and max points and No points etc, regular tag to special tag...But I'm don't quite get the sequence they do the actual draw in.

Do they draw by the unit, or do they draw from the total pool and taking your first choice until the units are full? Do they put everybody who has unit 117 as their first choice, in a pool and start with the max points and work out until its full, or do they just start pulling name from the main pool, starting with max point applicants until they fill the allotted positions for each unit and then move on to he others applicants.

Are your second and third choices, looked at with preferences points when drawn, if your first choice is not available?

I've put in some pretty low demand units or as general as my third pick for 5 years, and never get a third choice hunt. Just crappy luck for me or am I thinking wrong?

Maybe someone can inform me as to how they actually do the drawing and how your second and third choice hunts are drawn.

Thanks in advance.