Hi everyone I am looking for an opinion or suggestions on where to burn 10 or more preference points ( or a little bit less ) for a deer hunt in the next 2 or 3 years. Here is the situation... I have hunted eastern plains muley and whitetail for about 5 years with really good luck. I shot a 192&3/8 non typical muley in velvet in 09 with a bow so i know my chances of doing that again in my life are pretty slim. Anyways If you had 10 pref points and you could hunt a high country muley with any type of weapon would you go to 74 or 21 or maybe sacrifice a few points and hunt 55 in the later seasons? Hold on to the points and wait for 103 so a good size whitetail could be an option? Or maybe RFW units 104, 211 or 85 in a few more years? I would love to hear from anyone who has scouted these areas or has info on quality animals around them. I will be scouting this summer and also collecting more points as the time passes. Thanks for your thoughts!

sorry i guess i should state that i live in the greatest state ever- Colorado