Im a NR with 5 preference points for elk and am wanting to burn them and start over but the initial unit we (Dad, brother, and I) started chasing (45) takes 6 preference points according to the MRS. I think we've decided to hire an outfitter since scouting isn't a likely option for us in the summer and dad is really ready to get into some heavy elk action after many OTC attempts in Co with limited success. My question is should we keep chasing 45 knowing that wyoming is cutting back on tags or is there a "better" or "equal" option with our points and a reputable outfitter elsewhere? Any recommendations on outfitters in other units? Most of my research is pointing towards North Central Wyo (Units 38 or 45) or central (units 19, 23, or 120). Both 19 and 23 we could draw now according to the MRS with a type 1 tag, which is what we are after. We would prefer to draw the type 1 tag and go hunt the rut in archery season, with the chance to come back in rifle if we were not all successful. We are all in good shape and would prefer the "backcountry wall-tent" type hunt over the "ranch lodge" hunts. My research is showing most of these hunts costing $4,000-$5000. The two outfitters that catch my eye are A Double J and Beaver Trap Outfitters. Any comments on either of these? I have read through dozens of outfitters web pages but thought I would try to get some insight from you guys on a good guided backcountry elk hunt with the possibilities of 300 plus inch bull? Thanks in advance for any input.