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    Quote Originally Posted by AKaviator View Post
    Maineboy and Ivorytip,

    You are both spot-on correct, IMO. So is Colorado Cowboy. There is a faction of "Animal Saviors" that are getting into wildlife management. They will try to use emotion and their values to shape the future of hunting and trapping TO us, not FOR us. We all need to step up to the plate and keep our message out there to help counteract what they're trying to do.

    There is a line in a Tom Selleck movie where he was in jail and an inmate say's to him " You don't have to stand tall in here, but you got to stand up" The same is true for us as sportsmen. We can figure out for ourselves what that means to each of us. For me, I teach Hunter Safety classes, which is great. I have been appointed to some applicable State boards and have memberships in several outdoor associations; RMEF, NRA etc..

    It's also good to take the high ground and recognize that we can disagree with the other side without being disagreeable. Take the wolf issue. I detest the reintroduction of them and the over-protection of them that some want. I've shot several(see my icon) but still recognize then as a spectacular complex part of our eco-systems and deeply enjoy seeing and hearing them. We just have to responsibly manage them, based on science, which means killing them at times.

    If the radical conservationists have their way, they'll manage on emotion, not science. That's a poor way of doing things!

    I'm preaching to the choir here, I know, but remember to do the things that enhance our passion for hunting and trapping and do it ethically and responsibly. We risk losing this for our kids if we don't get involved. We can't wait for the next generation, it's our turn to stand up
    Well written AKaviator. +1 for me in what you wrote.

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