I ran across this yesterday from a photographer I follow. First of all I enjoy photography and I enjoy elk steak, but it is amazing how some people think. They love to photograph a pack of wolves killing an elk, or chasing the cows up and down the hills until the calves abort, but when a precious wolf gets killed it's a tragedy.

Here is his post and a reply:

"A bit of tragic news for Yellowstone wolf fans. The alpha female of the Lamar Canyon Pack was killed by a hunter outside the park in Wyoming as part of Wyoming's wolf hunt. While life and death is part of nature it is sad to see an animal I've watched and photographed on numerous occasions die in such a manner."

One reply was: "This killing has got to STOP---NOW!!!!! These people have no idea of what they are doing....I have NEVER seen such bitterness, hate, gun happy people and I come from a long line of hunters, environmental law officers...."

Just a little taste of what we know is out there I guess.