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I try to stalk up on stuff I don't want to kill also. It does help! Except I tried stalking up on someone in the dark once and almost got punched in the face. So be wary
I like to do the sneak up on critters, even when I'm not trying to kill them. It's fun and I think it just makes for good practice. I took this picture a couple days ago sneaking up on some blacktail bedding up on a rocky ridge.

I saw an article resently written by Remi Warren. He shaved down some lightweight foam sandles and wore them in-between two pairs socks. Keeps feet quiet, it's pretty quick and easy to do and it also saves your feet from some of those pesky cactus, shale, and stickers.

That made me smile jenbickel about stalking and amost getting punched in the face. Surly some good advice to be wary on what you sneak up on.