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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyp View Post
    one key to consider when planting food plots is the diet of the animals in that area and if they will eat what you plat. wheat is what you should plant beacuse it will grow in that area and the animals know what it is and will eat it. you can mix in some other items to try. In that area if you have enough room just try spot and stalk hunting for a season or two before you invest a lot of time and money in a food plot. spot and stalk is the funest way to hunt muley's ...
    Exactly. Spot and stalk is the most fun way to hunt any animal. Thankfully, with muleys in big open country and canyons, it's also very effective. It never hurts to have some of their favorite groceries on hand to attract more deer to your property. You can still spot and stalk the transition areas rather than sitting in a blind on a foot plot, but a wheat field in West Texas will definitely draw in some deer.

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    Thanks guys! Y'all have been a ton of help!



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