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Jen, are you sure this isnt being taken in the wrong context? Typically even with sarcasm you can tell when someone makes a demotivational poster. It is obvious that there hating. But with that poster that was edited with the wording I dont assume it as sarcastic. I see the poster as a thumbs up. People who are viewing the pic dont know you. How do they know you hunt/trap/fish. If you view the pic from a different angle and not from a personal standpoint. Its a kid with some toys learning an american heritage. I go to archery shoots all the time where there is little 2-3-4 year olds with their toy bows out there shooting the targets. The whole shoot will be put on hold for the kids to try a couple times before we continue. There is no such thing as too young. When he is older and decides he loves it or hates it. That is his decision. But for now your giving him a hobby and a passion outside of nintendo that keeps him active and learning. Thats just great parenting regardless how its chopped up!
Hardstalk, I was thinking the same thing. I thought the second pic had something written on it due to great parenting. But, Jen you know best on where the second picture started popping up, and if it was be translated as a bad thing then I can completely see where you are coming from. Since this is the first time I have seen the pic, and it is on this forum, I take the words as a compliment to your parenting.