So I posted a picture of my son and his birthday present which was a little bow and a 3D deer target on Facebook. Like two days later I woke up and got on Facebook and my sons picture was everywhere except the photo had been altered a little ( they added the words ) and now it has gone absolutely viral. I'm finding it everywhere and there are lots of people of course bashing the picture saying my son is too young and I'm teaching him to be a killer.. So how young do you all think is too young to start them? He had been hunting with me since I was pregnant with him. I took my largest antelope to date with him in my tummy! He picked up his sister's 15lb bow and was able to draw it back so I figured it was time to teach him. I think it's never too young to start teaching them the basics of hunting and of course, SAFETY! Click image for larger version. 

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The one without the words is obviously the one I posted and the other one is the one all over Internet now..