CC... you realize that a 10" fence wouldnt contain most squirrels...let alone wolves.. not sure if you meant a 10' fence which would have entailed it being basically its own ecosystem like a high fence operation. . Aside from that, the wolves were introduced at the same time as YNP, into most of Idaho and portions of Montana simultaneously. The whole scenario was ridiculous and unfortunately sponsored entirely by sportsman dollars, yet now that the Anti's love these things, its still OUR dollars that pay for them. Which is ridiculous.

As well, the wolves have not nearly taken off around YNP as they have in Idaho. Idaho is more or less one continuous mountain range which has enabled the wolves to spread and grow rapidly, where as Wyoming and Montana have more separated mountain ranges that have helped contain the spread of wolves. Wyoming has less than MT, and ID because of that reason especially. I guide right up to the line against Yellowstone in WY, so I am well aware the situation there, as I have also guided in the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho. At least in WY, we still kill bulls of size, in Idaho we were lucky to even see elk sometimes. Its unfortunate for sure, and even though we now have seasons, the hunting will always be different and wolves will always be here. Idaho has a trapping program which is a great way to get at the high population during winter now that these wolves have become enlightened to hunters. They are a smart animal, and definitely will not be going away anytime soon. The hunting seasons, will never bring back the game that used to thrive before the wolves arrived.