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This thread is a clear an attmept to justify your own lobbying for the NM reduction in nonresident tags. The urge to extort NRs and fill the state treasury with money from non-voters is a sign of the moral bankruptcy in our state governments.

I am strongly in favor of states rights. I don't believe any sane person wants the feds involved in wildlife managemetn decisions. Ask Alaskans, or think of the wolf issue. Terrible idea to have the feds involved. We are all, however, citizens of the US. The continuing trend to try to generate additional revenue from NRs is only justified by saying"there is nothing they (NR) can do about it". This doesn't make it right. Fees that are often more than 10x the cost of resident licenses, upfront license costs, and smaller tag quotas each year will eventually kill the golden goose. And the residents almost always buy into this scheme (at least initially) thinking they will magically have better or more hunting once the evil NR are gone. The states with the most discrimination (against NR) have the highest resident fees, and generally the worst resident hunting.

The federal land issue is jsut a side issue, that is really not the question. It isn't too different than asking why someone from NM has to pay taxes for the US Navy, since NM is not a coastal state. We should at least try to treat all US citizens equally.

Ha,well obviously you don't know me to well. Your assumption that I lobby against non residents is just that. The OP addresses the issue that some believe states should somehow pull away from the current system in place and nothing more. Nowhere have I ever lobbied against nr's Bill. Do I have issue with how things are done in my home state? You better believe it. But that has nothing to do with the question thank you very much,