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That is a fantastic animal and a great elk! Now that is a hunting trip. What bullet was your boy using in the 270 Winchester? Was it a hand-load?

I hope you enter it into the B&C book officially and get him the document to frame. That and a picture of his buck right next to the head prominently displayed on the wall will look incredible. Think of all the memories that will come flooding back to you guys every time you look at it! Take those elk ivories and clean the flesh off them and drill a small hole in the root end of each and get a sterling silver necklace (guys necklace) and he can wear those proudly around his neck!! Just trying to help!!
Thanks David. We sure did have a good time. He was all smiles when the B&C Scorer called to talk to him the other night. I am planning on entering it in the book for him. Athletic 14 year olds and record books seem to go hand in hand .

The bullet he used in MY .270 (I say again, Matthew ) was a Nosler Accubond 130. It was a Nosler Custom load, not a handload. We just moved and all of my reloading stuff was packed away still so I picked a box up. They shot sub MOA ... really really nice load. I did save the ivories from his elk. Hadn't decided what to do with them yet, but you have a great idea.

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