I am a midwesterner badly bitten by the wild sheep bug. I am also well aware that with the amount of hunting interest in wild sheep, I may never actually be able to hunt them in the lower 48.

That said, I love viewing bighorn sheep every chance I get and would like to start doing more of that. I am also interested in photography and would like to begin exploring that hobby more as I get older.

Would like to plan a trip to say the Missouri Breaks of Montana or the Luscar area of Alberta to view some GIANT bighorn rams. Been a goal for many years to take a trip to Banff/Jasper parks and surrounding areas just to scout bighorn sheep. I am wondering if anybody can share any information on where to find sheep in these areas? What time of year to go? Where to camp? Where to look? What kind of photography equipment you use? Etc?

Does anybody know if guides take people out on viewing/photography trips?

I figure I will probably never get to hunt these areas, but would love to see them none the less.