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The MOAR is an awesome reticle. I've got a buddy with one and he really likes it. I have found the NPr's to be too thin for a dedicated hunting scope. The MOAR is a tad thicker, but not too thick. NXS are great scopes. I personally like MOA over Mil. You need to decide what works best for you.
The thickness of the reticale was one of my concerns, especilly in low light conditions, for hunting. If I go nightforce, I will more than likely be going with the MOAR, and the one that lights up. I did notice the MOAR was a tad thicker than the NPr's as you mentioned.

I'm still very new to over 600 yard shooting and have a lot to learn. My buddy was telling me about the size targets he shoots at 600 to 1000 yards, and how persice his groups are! After that talk, Long range shooting sparked a huge intrest to me.

So many options.......... I may just wait till after the shot show to see whats avalible then. In the mean time I still have to bed my action, get a single peice picittany base and bed that too.