First off, the Skullworks looks great on the DNA and fit and finish looks sharp. The bow came in very close and I had to only take a 1/2 twist out of the cable for cams to be perfectly synched. Draw length came in at 29 1/8 + and at 61#. The draw cycle is a little stiff which I excpected with those speeds but not bad at all. Probably would compare it to the OD cams as far as stiffness up front.

I know there has been reports of a horrible hump at 29" but that is simply not true. It starts off very similar to the Invasion I had but smoother all the way back to the wall. The wall is very firm when cams are in synch and feels great. Now for the part that might get some people is the holding weight. This is a 60# bow peaking at 61# the way I have it set up.

The holding weight is right between 18 and 19# which over the last couple years I actually prefer. I went through a phase with the low holding weight bows but really find myself more accurate between 16 and 19# so this fits the bill for me personally. I know some have reported the valley is plenty and does not feel like a 70% let-off bow but I would have to disagree.

IMO it feels right where they state it is and a true 70% let-off. The let down is very easy and again the thing that impresses me the most is the draw cycle for those kind of speeds. There is a few odds and ends that I need to get together before I have it fully set up. It was late today to bring the chrono outside but in the basement with a light kit with a 380gr arrow it came in at 315 fps.

The shot itself is very quiet and extremely dead in the hand at those speeds. It feels like a bow with much lower IBO at the shot. Has a very good feel to it and is balanced very well even with the grip being lowered for the centerpull technology.

I need to verify those speeds in some better lighting but those where the first results and will follow up later with a continued review and pics.
I would say my first impression is quite impressive and a must bow to at least try out this year. Keep you posted with tuning and shootabilty hopefully within the next 7 to 10 days.