I agree that the worst day hunting is better than the best day working! I did hunt some new areas for deer, my old stomping grounds just don't produce well anymore, everything is overgrown now. Without any new logging the west Side of the Cacades its a jungle. The elk hunting, pressure is what messed up my elk hunt I believe. It just happend that this year more people decided to hunt the same are I was commited to. Most years "my spot" only gets a few people the first day or 2 then they move on. This year there were 10 other hunters that decided to hunt there the entire week too. One other hunter shot a 5 point 300 yrds in front of me opening day, it could have been me just as easy. On day 5 a herd moved in, but the other hunters ran them right out of the country as soon as they came in. I did have close encounters, I guess luck was not on my side this year. I am looking forward to 2013, I have enough points to draw some good tags. Hopefully luck is on my side next year. Thanks for all your words of wisdom.