A big reason most of us subscribe to Eastman's is the MRS, which will help you apply in whatever state you want. If you are a subscriber, you can get on the site here and look at backissues of the MRS and figure out any state you want and see what last year looked like. I'd skip the application services and just do it yourself. I put mine on a credit card for the states that require upfront fees. Realistically, it would be hard to learn every state in one year. Sounds like you have Wyoming down. This year, you can add New Mexico - no points, straight lottery. Utah is pretty easy, I just picked that up last year. Montana is another one with long odds where the premier species are easy to apply for. I do all those and buy Colorado points. I will probably start applying in Arizona this year for the first time. It can be initimidating to start learning a state, but once you dive in and do it once, its very easy thereafter, just gotta get in there.