New to the Eastmans forum. I apoligize if this topic has been discussed previously.
Posting in the General Hunting room to get the most exposure to the topic.

Just started aquiring western hunting preference points last year. Bought a sheep, moose, deer and pronghorn point in Wyoming. I think the Wyoming system is a excellent system for those of us on a budget and just need to aquire some points first. I also understand why states are interested in getting the hunters money up front and what they can do with it before the draw actually happens. Interested in expanding my application and point aquisition process for 2013. As I am sure many people understand, applying for tags/points is not a cheap engagement. But we also understand that applying for as many as possible increases our chances of drawing success.

Been looking into services such as 'Hunting Fool' and Cabelas T.A.G.S. The appeal of these services to me is that they front the initial monies required to apply for draw licenses. One of my primary long term intersts is Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Unfortuneatly these are also the most expensive of tags to apply for. Using a service would reduce the up front costs to the end user by a significant margin.

Wondering if those individuals who use a license application service could discuss the process a bit and give a newbie applicant some recommendations regarding which service to use and why.

Some of my primary game interests include sheep, coues, blacktail, mule deer, pronghorn and moose.