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    Night Hunting Coyotes

    Been doing a lot of research on gun mounted lights and finally decided to go with the Elusive Wildlife Tech. 250 Kill Light. As soon as it's delivered i'll give it a test drive and give you coyote callers some feedback.

    Brand New! Kill Light™ XLR250 3 COLOR Pro Hunter Package (1 MODE GREEN, RED & WHITE LEDS!)
    This is the ultimate predator or hog hunters dream come true! All 3 of our super high powered LED's in green, red and white! This package deal comes with our very popular 250 yard high powered green LED Kill Light XLR250 and includes interchangeable red & white LED's to convert your light to whatever color you want! This package also includes barrel mount kit, rapid scope mounting kit, flashlight push button tailcap with ON/OFF switch, one remote wired ON/OFF switch and one remote wired pressure switch so you always have a choice and a back up switch, our premium wall charger with 12 volt car adapter and 2 ten year 18650 rechargeable batteries! Everything you may need and then some! This light will also run on 2 CR123A batteries.

    The Kill Light XLR250 is only 7 inches long and only weighs aproximatley 9 ounces with the battery(s). Our lights are made out of T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum with with a clear glass lens. There are no filters involved. We use a special CREE LED that emits an incredible amount of green light through an extremely accurate and focused highly polished reflector to achieve our long range distance.

    Run time on the light is 2-4 hours per battery per charge on the green and the white LED's. The red LED will have a run time of 1.5 - 2 hours per battery.

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