I made love to a pile of prickly pear one time, and it wasn't good for me.

I was in a hurry one evening, looking for a good tree to put a stand in on a new place to hunt. I wasn't looking where I was stepping, and I ran right into a big clump of pear. I tripped and fell face first to the ground. I got my hands out and kept my face up. I had thorns in every inch of me from my neck down to the tops of my boots. At least my face was spared, but the boys weren't. I would have rather had thorns in my face than in my junk. It wasn't fun.

I picked stickers for 3 weeks. Duct tape and patience got most of them the first night, but all the little tiny ones that were nearly invisible just had to work their way out eventually.

I don't recommend doing that.