I can answer most of your questions now,and get the rest tomorrow. The man cave is out beyond the garage along with the safe and notes. I'm currently loading the 150 Nosler Ballistic tip. They claim the #4 is a magnum contour. It's actually heavier than a Remington magnum. It won't lay in a Remington barrel channel,even if the Remington is floated. Pretty stout pipe. If I had it to do again I'd shoot for 8.5 lb field ready. I have weighed all my rigs in the past,but don't want to pass along the wrong number. I'll have to check it and get back with a good weight. I wasn't thinking straight when I ordered the barrel. I knew I would be using the rifle for woodchucks,whitetails and mulies. I was also thinking of the 400yd deer target competitions they hold at a club near here. (printed paper deer targets with vitals. 10X magnification limit. 5 shots timed. No wind flags) Got my wires crossed. I don't get up to the club as often as I use to, and now I have a heavy hunting rig. To me anyway. Camping at 9,000 ft and hunting up to 12,000 for a somewhat upper middle but not quite old age flatlander is tough. I'd appreciate an 8 pounder ALOT more. But that's just my case. Heck 20 years ago I'd grab her and go. I need to pick up a Kimber Montana and save this old girl for stand hunting whitetails out to the ends of the fields. So far she has liked the 140gr Sierra Pro Hunter. The 150gr Ballistic Tip Nosler. Believe it or not,I get good service from the 120gr Nosler BT and Hornady V Max. Woodchuck whacker supreme. I can't reach the lands but they still work quite well. Who woulda guessed? Oh what the heck. There's no Big Bang Theory on tonight. I might as well go get you some more particulars.