I guess that I'm not surprised at the results you have from that rifle, although I'll bet a lot is good marksmanship too. You obviously have lots of experience with this caliber.

The rifle I was considering must have sold already. I'll watch for another one. With the recommendation you give it, I feel certain that I need that caliber. I probably have 1 more brown bear to shoot someday and my son needs to get one. That's a rifle I would have him use while I probably would stick with my .375H&H. If you can take an Eland with it, moose and bear should be perfect. Those Eland look tough and huge!

Do you hunt the reindeer out in the Aleutians or on Kodiak? I know some big ones are taken in the Aleutian Islands but I've never travelled out there to hunt them.

Thanks for sharing the info.