Im feeling the effects of parenthood. Both my wife and I ran hard for years without restrictions or boundaries. I would hunt when I want. She would hit the road with her mother competing in rodeo events and we would see each other when it was convenient. My daughter is 8 months old today and my lord how our lifestyle has changed. A complete 180. We eat as a family. We spend a ton of time together. We lay on the ground and laugh at our daughters progression in life as she laughs and attempts to stand. I always knew we would have children but you cant imagine how the times change when you do. I think children are the reason we are here. To bring a better more advanced generation up and pass on our legacy. And hunting is just one past time I plan to pass along. You find ways to incorporate your children into your activities. I still shoot my bow almost daily. Is it a bit harder? Absolutely. I have to pack out the high chair. Grab her little teething toys. Some crackers and whatever else will keep her quite. But she sits there in her chair as i shoot and watches every move I make with complete content. Shooting my bow has never been so fun! Most of my memories involve the outdoors with my father. Impossible to make your own memories about teaching the outdoors without your own kids.