In early stages of planning an Antelope hunt for 2013. We have a group of 4 guys each with 1PP.
This will be our first western hunt, so the usage of public land and public access is a new concept.
Would like to stay on the free public land, and am trying to do my homework to avoid accidentally tresspassing somewhere I shouldn't be. Its all a bit discouraging when ~half the antelope units are marked with an (*) for difficult public access.

Can somebody explain the differences in all these types of government property?
BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, Bankhead Jones, Corp of Engineers, DOE, Fish & Wildlife, Forest Service, State and Nat'l Grasslands?

Are these all open to the public? Are the access/hunting rules different depending what type of land it is?

Also, can somebody take a brief stab and explaining 'public access'?
Is this as simple as if there is a county road heading into the BLM, then thats considered legal public access?
More directly, if a country road cuts through private property to reach BLM, is it okay to travel that country road to get there?

Trying to figure out if a piece of BLM is surrounded by private, what the proper legal access is to the public property?
Surely there has to be some kind of easement or 'right of way' to get there?

My understanding is using two-tracks in BLM is fine, but using two-tracks crossing private land is not fine.
What actually qualifies as a public road versus a private road?

Thanks for the information. Still learning how this all works.
Any suggestions for a first time WY antelope unit apprecaited.