New member to the forums. Looks like I found the right spot!
Been out west visiting countless times, but this will be my first trip actually hunting.
As many often do, we will be starting out with a Wyoming antelope hunt.

Myself and 3 others purchased a WY antelope PP this year. We each will have 1 for next season.
We plan to apply as a party. I see quite a few units that have 100% odds with 1PP, but cross referecing that to a BLM map, shows that most of the units are on the east side, and mostly private property.

What we are looking for is public land with good access. Open to any area in the state, but would like to be in the 100% draw areas for 1PP.

My initial research shows lots of public land in units 113 and 21 near Kaycee.
I have heard a lot or most of it is land locked by private property.
Anybody have experience with these units?

Also 100% odds and good public land volume near the intersection of units 16,17,22 & 23.
Anybody have any information regarding public land access in those areas?

Also I hear excellent things about 27. Both number of animals and excellent public access, but only slightly better that 50% with 1PP. I have read 29 is a good alternative to 27. Can anybody comment about the public access in 29?

Not looking for monster antelope, just nice representative animals.
Would like to be in an area with 'guaranteed' buck tags and good public access.

Any and all suggestions or recommendations appreciated by this antelope rookie.