Finally, after 6 straight days of bow hunting, and 12 total this season, I was able to put my tag on a pretty nice whitetail. I have hunted my tail off this season, with very poor results up until this point. The bucks had not been cruising, and I was not seeing many deer at all, averaging about 1-3 per sit. I'm afraid that EHD may have killed more of our deer than I had anticipated.

For all of my struggles this season, this hunt was a breeze. Daylight found me high up on a flat ridge top 50 yards in the timber off of a 20 acre cut bean field. At 730, I heard the buck enter the timber behind me, I looked back and saw him moving at a pretty good clip. He was gonna come right under me!! At 5 yards, he stopped to briefly check a scape. I pulled my bow off the hook and drew. My bow got tangled up in a limb right above me as I was drawing.. I thought "crap, he will surely bust me". Thankfully, he started moving as I hit the limb. I got drawn and waited for him to clear a tree.
He finally cleared, and I let loose, aiming high and far back, as the angle was steep, and he was very quartering away. The arrow tucked in about 2 ribs from the back of his rib age, lodging into his off side shoulder. Smoked him! He bellows, and runs 70 yards before cashing it in.

He'll probably go 140ish, and he's definitely my best whitetail with a bow. With just 2 days left of bow season, I'm glad to have him.

Now, lets see if I can't get a pic up from my phone.