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    Quote Originally Posted by Colorado Cowboy View Post
    I made 2 different types of Brats, one made with antelope and pork shoulder roast and one made with antelope and bacon bits & pieces. I followed their directions and both are really great. After I stuffed the casings, they were smoked for an hour @150. Then I vacume packed them and into the freezer they went. Only problem is they are just a little salty for my taste. I am going to call them and see I can cut down on the amount of cure they recommend.

    The only real problem I see is that they are a lot of work to get freezer ready and I can see them disappearing pretty fast. Looks like I might have to ration them!!
    Colorado Cowboy, I'm about to make my first attempt at brats with antelope and pork. Did you use the same ratio as your breakfast sausage, 60% antelope/40% pork? The instructions say for 1lb of meat, 4 oz. antelope (25%), 12 oz. pork (75%). That seems like they would be pork brats not antelope. I was thinking 70 or 75% antelope and the rest pork. Any advice or suggestions on my first endeavor would be greatly appreciated.


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    The main function of pork in a game sausage is to get the fat content up, as game tends to be very lean. If you don't add enough fat, the sausage becomes dry and start to fall apart. The proper ratio depends on how fatty the pork is. I worked in 2 commercial sausage kitchens where we processed venison. We'd mix about 2 parts venison to 1 part pork. But, the pork we were using was very fatty -- usually 60% or 80% fat. You can buy this sort of trim fairly cheap (a butcher should be able to order it for you, and you'd probably have to take a case -- as I recall, you can get smaller cases of 80% fat pork). Anyways, if the company recommending 3 part pork to 1 antelope is recommending pork that is 30% fat, you could cut that in half if you got some pork that was 60% fat and make your sausage more an antelope sausage.

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