My Idaho hunt was great! Blew a tire going in the first night and ended up going back to town. The local tire shop didnt have my tires but I got some info on the area from a guy there and he sent me to another of there stores that had them. Next morning I headed out again with 4 new tires. Did some glassing on the way in and got camp set up that evening. Next day was opening day. I turned up a herd of 40 or 50 elk with atleast 2 or 3 nice bulls, but no deer. Early afternoon I started into a new basin that looked good. I stopped to glass a bit and almost immediately spotted horns!!! He was bedded up in some rocks. Put the spotter on him and decided I liked him and would try a stalk. I got to 450 yds pretty easy then belly crawled in sage brush to 275. The sage really thinned out after that and I was comfortable with the shot but after watching him a few minutes I realized he was sound asleep with his head down behind a bush so I decided to move up some more. I got to 210 and decided I had better stay put. After about 45 minutes he stood up and immediately got a 130 gr core-lokt behind his shoulder! He went down then tried to get up so I watched him through the scope just in case another shot was needed but he was done!! I got him back to camp and hung up that night. Next morning I packed up camp and headed home with a big smile!!! This was a different kind of hunting year for me. I drew 2 tags I thought I didnt have a chance at drawing and didnt draw the muzzle loader tag in Colorado thought was a sure thing. Also after all the many hard miles I have put in hunting over the years I killed my biggest mule deer and antelope this year on the 2 easiest hunts of my life. It just goes to show if you keep at it things will eventually come together and its all the more rewarding when it finally does Click image for larger version. 

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