I am retiring in a year. So I am a little too far out to apply for jobs that don't require huge security clearances, or have really long hiring processes.

Here's our selection ideas so far, I have it broken into 3 tiers.

Best fit:

* Alaska, but selectivly so: Bristol Bay, SE, Valdez, Tok, Copper Center/Glennallen and Kenai. No Anchorage and no Fairbanks. Right now I am an Alaska resident so it's an easy no wait hunting oppertunity.

* Top 2/3rds of Wyoming (as I am a Fremont native), parents live in Wyoming and I grew up there mostly so it's an easy fit, probably hunt cow elk and doe antelope as a non resident next year.

* Western Montana (as I graduated high school in SW Montana). Go Wardens! Easy fit lots of family in SW Montana. And can still hunt Wyoming as a non-resident.

2nd Tier

Northern Idaho

NE Washington state

Alpine, Texas area; with the thought I could have a low fence lease for Aoudad, javelina, mule deer and whitetails

New Mexico other than the big cities, because you can buy land owner tags, and if you were in SE New Mexico you could have a west Texas lease like above.

3rd Tier

Arizona other than Pheonix and Tuscon

Utah other than Salt Lick

Colorado other than the Denver I-25 coridor.

Nevada other than Reno or Vegas.

Northern California, could have a deer and wild pig lease.

Texas Hill Country, could have a hunting lease.

Western North and South Dakota

My thoughts are I already buy points in Nevada, Arizona and Utah for everything and hunting there is super limited, so while they are nice places to live I plan on using my points wisely in those 3 states.