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@Bitterroot Bulls- im only suggesting it because so many hunting adventures do not actually require binoculars. in my humble opinion, if you need binos to see the deer... then the deer are too far to shoot at anyway... might as well take some pics... and it depends on the terrain and hunting environment... some hunting is hundred yards max why the binos? now with that said lots of different types of hunting... there are hunts that have mountains to hike across and canyons to scale to then set up to make the shot... then there are desert areas with long distances... every case has its merits... I made my decision based on weight and hiking with extra gear that may or may not be needed... in Texas I have long sendaros to hunt.. or hi-lines and im sitting in a box stand and I drove up to it and loaded the stand with my equipment... in California total different story... it mountains and its a long hike back to camp. and every bit of gear weight matters... to each his own I guess... but for me I have ruled out large big binos and spotting scopes on California mountains... But on horseback... again another story... LOL
Welcome to EF, WildassJoe.

I like optics ... a lot.

When I started using optics seriously for all of my hunting, my success rate when up astronomically. I now take a spotting scope and binoculars with me EVERY time I hunt. I will spend hours at a time glassing upwards of 5 to 10 miles away. Too far for a shot for sure, but that is where the "stalk" part of spot and stalk comes in. If you are getting headaches, there is a problem with your optic ... either the diopter setting is off, or the bins are out of collimation. Even if I was stand hunting with a maximum of 100 yards viewing distance (God help me) I would want at least binoculars to pick apart the cover at the edge of the viewing distance looking for an ear, eye, antler, etc.

If your camera is working for you ... good on ya, but as general advice for western hunters, I would say binoculars should be the FIRST equipment purchase after weapon.

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