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    Tag eating update... well, yesterday wrapped up my big game seasons here in Wyoming. Ofer on elk, prongies, and deer! Found a (insert T.V. tag line here) buck two weekends ago and hunted him both of the last two weekends. Long story short, I helped two of my buddies fill tags while I struck out. The buck was either too far (huntin' with old school heirloom rifle) or as in the case this weekend just never gave me a shot opportunity. Ohhh well. On the other side of the coin my eight month old lab puppy is becoming a great pheasant and duck dog! There are bigger things.

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    Dad ended up with a Wyoming antelope, limited entry elk, OTC deer, OTC wolf, OTC bear for Wyoming. He got a moose though so that's pretty cool.

    My Victoria hunting license expires 1 January in Victoria, I'll have to shell out another $60 for 2013's license. Pretty cheap. Best part is unlimited hunting for $60.



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