I have been thinking about starting a campaign with the Wyoming game and fish to expand Mountain Goats into areas that would be good habitat like they do with sheep.

My thoughts are the following:

1. Goats are not as suscceptable to disease as sheep, and the huge cost of introducing goats wouldn't be slammed shut by a wandering domestic ram's bad intentions.

2. Goats are not as prolific as sheep and there would be no need of over-stepping their boundaries and expanding into domestic sheep areas. Goat kid recruitment is usually much slower than bighorn sheep lamb recruitment.

3. As the cost of guided goat hunts increase in Canada and Alaska the species has had a noticed increase into the "glamour game" realm. This could increase depleted Game and Fish financial coffers by offering another "trophy" animal in higher numbers.

4. Wyoming could make the claim that they are not native, not 100% sure how true that is, but both Utah and Nevada have mountain goats in areas that are far from native traditional mountain goat ranges.

5. The state is slated to loose huge numbers of moose tag sales due to wolf predation in the Greater Yellowstone Eco-system. This sale of more goat tags could help to mediate that problem.

What do you guys think?