I definitely agree that "they aren't all the same". I just thought maybe I could get everyone thinking about those shots while watching the programs. The ones I am talking about are very characteristic, i.e., that tell-tale sign where the hind legs instantly suck right up to the belly, and the head is thrown back as the butt hits the ground. I may very well be wrong (my wife will certainly attest to that!), but to me that is a classic spine shot. Please help me watch and see if anyone can come to a consensus. Not that it really matters, except for the fact that when trying to duplicate that instaneous kill shot, it can cause the inexperienced to go for the "bigger gun next year" syndrome until finally they are too afraid to even shoot the thing enough to sight it in. If they do shoot it, they flinch so bad they have difficulty keeping the hits in 12 inches at 100 yards. I'm sure not saying there are not those who are capable of shooting the big ones, and shooting them VERY well! Usually it is the ones with not much experience who blew a hind leg off last year and were told or decided the answer was a "bigger gun". I see this syndrome continually at our annual Sportsman's Club Hunter Sight-In days.

Oops, sorry, I got off on a rant. I'm still just curious about that particular kill shot. Thanks for all the thoughtful replies.